Introducing My High School Dance I Class To Jazz Dance During the Time of Covid-19

Then I caught a student looking at her phone. I asked her to put it away, but she said, “Ms. Compton, the coronavirus is here. It’s just been confirmed. We have one case in New Mexico.”

Thank You National Dance Education Organization for the Thom Cobb Memorial Scholarship

The next day I had a numinous experience where I watched another classical Indian dancer perform during the lunch hour and I could not stop my eyes from welling up as the idea of dancer/educator as container hit me again. The complex rhythms in her feet happening at the same time as the flow in her upper body combined with traveling through space all while expressing emotions that seemed to move through her eyes, face, fingertips, sternum…she was a strong and beautiful container holding everything at the same time. She was able to do it all with practice, study, rigor, reflection, creative interpretation, skill, personal expression, vulnerability, lived experiences and shared wisdom. I thought about how I had similar tools. I too could be a strong container/dance educator for my community.